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'My aim is to provide safe, quick pain relief in a relaxed, supportive environment.'

Sue Bowden Bowen, Emmett, Scarwork therapist

Sue Bowden MFHT. Cert ECBS.

The human body is amazing and I find it absolutely fascinating!

My bodywork journey started initially in massage and aromatherapy but I now specialise in Bowen, Emmett Technique and ScarWork treatments. During my career, I have found that there is not one therapy that works for everyone all of the time. For this reason, I personalise each treatment using the appropriate techniques to get to the root cause of your issues. I find that it is this approach that gives the best results for pain relief.

Training in Bowen Therapy in 2009 proved to be a huge turning point in my career as it was through this technique that I realised that the body releases and relaxes more under GENTLE pressure. Your body has an innate ability to heal itself but sometimes it just needs a helping hand and I find that there is no need to 'go in heavy' & that the gentle approach can ease all sorts of pain and discomfort such as back and neck ache.

The improvements that I have seen through the gentle approach of Bowen inspired me to study the amazing Emmett Technique which quite honestly has blown me and many of my clients away with its gentle yet incredible ability to benefit conditions such as sciatica. It’s just SO exciting!

ScarWork is another example of the power of the gentle touch. Having three abdominal scars myself, I know the huge effect they can have on the body, such as restricting movement. Often however, people are unaware that some pain that they are struggling with, can be due to a matter how long ago it occurred. It is generally only once a scar has been gently worked on that people realise the impact it had been having on them.

I find bodywork extremely rewarding and my clients are typically very happy with their results from my treatments and frequently want to come back for more. Inevitably however no matter what hands-on therapy is used, occasionally some clients have pain that never disappears completely. It is becoming increasingly apparent that this is because of the mind/body relationship and as people are becoming more and more aware, stress and anxiety is often contributing to their pain.

It is therefore for this reason that I decided to train with SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association) which I strongly feel is the missing piece of the jigsaw. This training has enabled me to help clients using scientifically proven techniques that can help them to cope with stress and anxiety that frequently hinders recovery. It is when these issues are addressed that real transformation can happen.

The more I learn about the human body, the more I want to know. I am passionate about relieving pain naturally and am very happy to say that I have helped people avoid surgery using these techniques.

I have been working at the highly regarded Amaranth Wellbeing clinic in Bramhall, near Stockport, Cheshire since 2010 where I enjoy supporting clients who prefer the gentle touch to help reduce their back and neck pain as well as other conditions and restore balance within their body.

A client once said to me “Sue, You’ve given me my life back.” If you would like me to help with yours, contact me on 07765 283582.


If you have a specific health problem, ache or pain that is troubling you and
you would like to discuss whether I may be able to help you, please do not hesitate to either call me on 07765 283582 or call the Amaranth Wellbeing clinic on 0161 439 9856 to make an appointment.