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What is ScarWork?

ScarWork is a gentle therapy that can help to improve scars and the underlying tissue resulting from surgery, burns or from an accident or trauma. Often scars have lumps, gaps, ridges, knots or can feel stringy, but measurable results and permanent changes can quickly occur during treatment. Scars of any size and age can respond well to treatment which improves the feeling and function of the scar and surrounding tissues by promoting better movement between the layers of skin, fascia and muscle. These changes can contribute to improvements throughout the whole body.

Why ScarWork?

Although surgery has often been life saving, unfortunately these interventions can cause problems such as pain, movement restriction, numbness and itchiness which many people mistakenly accept as inevitable. It is often only after ScarWork has been carried out that clients notice the absence of an underlying discomfort or pulling sensation. Clients often comment that their scars feel softer, less painful, less restrictive and that their numbness has reduced.

Effects of Scars on Emotions

Scars are an ever-present reminder of a trauma. Unfortunately, this trauma, combined with the stress of the surgery or injury, often causes many people to be affected emotionally by their scars. As a result, they avoid touching and looking at the area which can lead to them feeling disconnected.

This wonderfully light touch treatment can be comforting and very beneficial to the healing process.

How ScarWork can help you

The effect of scars on the body cannot be underestimated. Often the body adapts to the scar by causing tissue torsion and adhesions, which can lead to misalignment and compensation patterns.

Scarwork can:

Release tightness/pulling sensations
Help restricted movement and improve mobility
Reduce pain
Reduce sensitivity, itchiness and numbness
Improve the appearance of your scar
Stimulate and improve healing
Aid emotional acceptance and recovery after trauma/surgery
Improve body confidence

The above improvements can significantly contribute to whole-body changes and improved function.

What happens during a ScarWork appointment

There is a story behind every scar and before we start treatment we will discuss the history behind your scar and how it affects you.

The treatment is rarely painful as it involves very gentle, hands-on techniques on and around the scar which help to improve the softness, elasticity and often the look of the area. Scars of any age can benefit and the effects of the treatment can be rapid and extensive even after a single session.

A treatment can last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on whether it is being done as a stand-alone session or as part of a holistic treatment.

N.B. If you are still under the care of a Consultant, treatment can usually start between 10-14 weeks after surgery, with their approval.

Examples of scars I have treated are: ​​​​​​​

Caesarean Sections
Hip and knee surgery
Spinal surgery
Breast reconstruction
Appendix removal
Tube/drain sites
Facial scars

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​After surgery or trauma it is normal to have some discomfort as scar tissue forms. However, if you have ongoing discomfort, pain or your scar is tight, red, raised or pulling, please get in touch and discover the benefits of this specialised treatment.