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"Pain is not providing a measure of the condition of your tissues but it is providing a measure of your brain's evaluation of your need to protect your tissues" Lorimer Moseley, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience.

Do you have Chronic pain?

Have you had symptoms for more than 3 months?
Does your pain move around?
Have you ever woken up with pain despite being pain-free the day before?
Do your symptoms worsen when you are stressed?
Do you have 'medically unexplained' symptoms?

If so, I have some good news for you. Since your condition is benign, I can empower you with treatment strategies that can help to relieve your pain.

Why did I train with SIRPA? (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association)

Many people who contact me have longstanding issues and have tried many different treatments. Over the years I have become increasingly inspired to explore the mind/body relationship and questioned why some people get better quickly while others, despite trying all sorts of treatments, and sometimes even surgery, struggle to recover. During my research, I came across the genius work of Dr John Sarno, Professor of Rehabilitation at the New York School of Medicine, who recognised the powerful links between our minds, bodies and pain.

Over recent years our knowledge about pain has continued to develop. The traditional view - that pain is only caused by tissue damage or postural issues - is outdated. These can sometimes be the cause for short term pain but there is now a large amount of scientific evidence showing that, in fact, many painful and long term conditions are likely to be caused by changes in the nervous system. These adaptations are usually the result of previous trauma, stress and emotional or lifestyle factors.

Scientific evidence shows that:

Pain is a normal (though unpleasant) response to something that your unconscious brain perceives to be a threat.
All pain is real.
There is no correlation between the level of pain and the amount of tissue damage.
Pain can be influenced by things you say and hear, things you think and believe, things you do, places you go, people in your life and things happening in your body.

So what is Chronic Pain?

Your brain has a highly sophisticated alarm system that is trying to protect you when it feels in danger. In chronic pain in particular, your nervous system becomes more and more protective, detecting danger and triggering pain even when no danger is present.

Unfortunately chronic pain doesn't just impact the brain, it can impact every aspect of life.

Luckily, your nervous system can be trained to unlearn this pattern and become less sensitive over time. This can help you reduce and overcome your discomfort so that you can enjoy life again.

What is the SIRPA Approach?

SIRPA is a route out of chronic pain based on the pioneering work of Dr John Sarno. It can help with all sorts of musculoskeletal, neurological and functional disorders.

This groundbreaking approach helps you to understand how pain works and gives you simple strategies that empower you to retrain your pain system so that you can control your discomfort and start to feel better.

This holistic approach is supported by research and is an exciting convergence of neuroscience and psychology that can unlock the complex puzzle of chronic pain.

How I can help you

The most effective way to achieve freedom from pain is to have a plan that approaches your issues from various different angles so first we work together and design a programme especially for you.

Education is key to recovery. Your brain and nervous system can be retrained to create the right conditions to allow your pain to resolve. Therefore my first step is to help you to understand how pain works.

Pain is linked heavily to our emotions, stress levels and perceived dangers. It is when these issues are addressed that real transformation can occur. I help you to identify past and current sources of stress and self-induced pressures from your personality traits, beliefs and lifestyle. I explain how stress works and its effect on your body and mind. I then guide you through simple evidence-based techniques that calm down your nervous system so that you become able to control your thoughts and relieve stress, which in turn help you to prevent, manage and achieve freedom from pain.

This approach obviously takes time and commitment but I will be there to guide and support you on your journey to help you achieve your well-being goals.

I provide you with the space you need to feel relaxed and safe while empowering you to take this holistic approach to your health and well-being beyond the treatment room.

Soothe Signature Programme

My therapy background enables me to combine the huge benefits of hands-on treatment with the SIRPA mind-body approach to provide a truly holistic programme that works to enable you to get your life back.

If you would like to know more, please contact me either via my contact page or you can call me on the number below.