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Chris Ball
Sue, what a difference this treatment has made to my life! I have suffered from cluster headaches for many years and a friend who suffers recommended the Bowen technique as a possible solution. I appreciated your honest and open consultation where you suggested that only three sessions would indicate if I would benefit from the treatment. Thankfully your knowledge and “magic hands” have done something amazing and my headaches have pretty much cleared up completely which is a miracle in itself as the best medical minds have not been able to help.
I found your approach and sessions relaxing and therapeutic and a pleasure to attend whilst the results speak for themselves! Thank you so much for doing the near impossible.

Kind regards
Cath Hughes
Question- What do you do with good advice?
Answer- Pass it on!

Having suffered excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders I was recommended a visit to Sue Bowden at Amaranth Wellbeing in Bramhall.
Sue presents as friendly caring and professional.
The Bowen technique is very difficult to describe but often likened to acupuncture without the needles (that must be good news!)
I have had several visits now and find myself pain free and with good movement, however that is only part of the benefits. I experienced a feeling of total relaxation in a warm, safe, and stress-free environment.
The technique involves gentle moves on different parts of the body which can have a strong reaction but this is non-invasive, extremely pleasant and it has definitely helped.
Zoe Unsworth
I know it's late but as it's recommend a business day I just wanted to recommend Sue Bowden who works at Amaranth in Bramhall Village. Sue offers a treatment called Bowen Technique which until two weeks ago I hadn't heard of, I've now had 2 sessions with Sue and think it's brilliant.
So I had a fall last summer and damaged ligaments in my foot, I had physio on the foot and it now good again however I've been having pain in my hip and was going to go and see the doctor as it was getting quite bad. I saw a taster session of Bowen Technique on offer at Amaranth and thought I would give it a go, today was my second treatment and I can honestly say it feels so much better, not only that my body was in need of some alignment as the other side was compensating for the injury, the treatment is non invasive but effective and I honestly recommend it to anyone that has pain and wants an alternative to taking lots of medication. Sue is really lovely, makes you feel relaxed and talks you through what she is doing and why. I highly recommend a visit.
Anne Thompson
I have suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a number of years and despite having an operation on both wrists I experienced weakness and pain in both hands together with swelling near my thumbs particularly after gardening.
I was recommended to make an appointment to see Sue who suggested I have 3 treatments but there was no pressure to attend all or even extend the period of treatment. The therapy involved gentle movements which I found very relaxing and I immediately felt a reaction to the treatment which was not invasive in any way. Sue said this was a good sign and after approximately 30 minutes I was able to clench my fists without pain. The freedom of movement and lack of pain has continued between treatments.
The treatment seems quite unique in that I have attained relief from constant pain in my hands without having to resort to drugs. I have attended twice and am now able to garden without pain.
I would recommend anyone in pain to see Sue, in fact my daughter has already arranged an appointment.
Sciatica client - Female aged 68
I approached Sue Bowden because I was in a lot of pain with sciatica. Sue helped me using her special therapy
and the result was great; almost immediate and after a few sessions I was pain free.
The one thing I liked was Sue's honesty about the whole treatment. I found the experience relaxing and effective almost straight away. I would recommend Sue Bowden and her treatment to anyone who is in pain without hesitation.
E Bentley
."After having had back problems for over 10 years and trying different treatments such as chiropractor and physiotherapy, I was eventually sent to a back specialist who gave me two steroid injections. Unfortunately, the pain persisted and I have reluctantly had to take the painkillers that my doctor had given me, when needed.
I saw details of the Bowen Technique so booked to see Sue at Amaranth in Bramhall. On my first visit, Sue took all details of my medical history and gently worked on my back using Bowen & Emmett Techniques. After only one appointment, I found I had far less need to take pain killers. I now see Sue for ‘top ups’ and find every session very relaxing & my back has much improved.
I would certainly recommend anyone suffering with pain to go to see Sue. The soothing, relaxed atmosphere and definitely the treatments have helped me and I feel so much better."

"I had been suffering from a painful shoulder for about 6 months and had visited my regular osteopath but without success. Two sessions of Bowen with Sue however, cured the problem. It didn't seem as though she did very much but she obviously did something! What I like about the Bowen technique is the gentleness of the movements. I found that nothing was aggravated and I suffered no negative after effects at all."
Female aged 48

"When I contacted Alexandra Worsley in search of a Bowen Therapist I was in such pain that I was unable to climb the stairs normally. Sue's gently "hands on" exploration quickly identified an underlying back problem which I was at first in denial about.

Within twenty four hours of my first treatment I was amazed to find I could walk and climb the stairs normally. Before my next treatment I kept a daily record of changes, energy levels and pain to help Sue assess my needs and it was during this period I felt twinges in my lower back which reminded me of the previous back injury that Sue had identified!

I had four treatments in all which left me completely pain free. The therapy involved gentle movements on precise points of the body which I found very relaxing. Additionally Sue was able to treat and improve other movement and pain issues my aging body was experiencing. Fantastic result - thanks Sue".
Female aged 67

"I was sceptical at first at how such little moves could be of benefit to me, however the improvement in my knees and general lack of pain is fantastic and a huge improvement." Thank you.
Male aged 40.

"Recently I received a gift voucher for two sessions of Bowen therapy with Sue. I went along to my first appointments, not sure what to expect. For some years, I had suffered with weak wrists which made it difficult to open jars, turn on taps and carry heavy bags of shopping. To be honest I had accepted it as something I just had to live with, but even after the first treatment I could feel an improvement. I had three treatments in total and I can only say that the change to my life is amazing. In the scheme of things, weak wrists is not a huge problem but when it is put right your realise what a burden it has been. I still find it incredible that the treatment which is so gently and non-invasive has had such powerful results. Thank you Sue."
Female aged 46